Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Operation round-up continues to target youth related anti-social behaviour in Nairn

From the Northern Police facebook page:

Inspector Murdo MacLeod comments: “I am aware that it is usually a small minority of the group who are responsible for this anti-social behaviour and unacceptable conduct. It must be recognised that merely being part of such a group or frequenting a particular area can increase the risk to an individuals personal safety and future well being and with below zero temperatures can sometimes have tragic consequences.

The mobile CCTV van has been coming to Nairn too. More here on this Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

They should be doing more foot patrols of Nairn instead of touring around in a fancy car with their shades on.

Last Sunday morning the amount of broken beer bottles around the hut beside the bathes was disgraceful
there must have been a prolonged party on the Saturday night.
Need to watch this week as poor dog nearly had a visit to the vet.

Graisg said...

Anon things could always be better but on the whole I reckon we receive a very good service from the Northern Constabulary. I'll say it again, we might have a few problems in Nairn but millions of people can only dream of living in a community like ours. It is Disneyland compared to some other places

Have you ever communicated your observations to the police personally? They are not mind readers and need to know where things are going wrong before they can act.

Anonymous said...

I thought 'round-up' was a nasty weed killer? Perhaps it attacks booze as well

Anonymous said...

i say,bring back public floggings on a saturday in high street,a few lashes would soon stop the anti social behaviour

Anonymous said...

I think part of the solution is the town itself, we need more things for the youth to do. Look at somewhere like Finland where the crime rates are right down and they worked out how to tackle this problem.