Thursday, February 09, 2012

Snow clearing - back to the future?

Gurnites may have seen the article in the Nairnshire this week with the impressive picture of Dick Youngson and Martin Ashford kitted out with reflective jackets and demonstrating snow-clearing equipment donated to the Suburban Community Council by BEAR Scotland. Catwalk material for the next fashion show?

Highland Council haven't been so helpful up to now though. Dick was contacted by citizens in his area who are willing to go out and clear snow when Highland Council can't manage to get round everywhere after heavy snow falls. The Nairnshire reports:

"But when Mr Youngson's community council took the matter up with Debbie Maguire, a community works manager with Highland Council their offer of assistance was immediately turned down."

Nice one Debbie Maguire. You should have asked Oor Sandy first however, now he is on the case (and yours hopefully) and getting the Chairman of the TEC committee to investigate and discuss road gritting within communities. Liz said the Council was taking a more positive attitude to the community taking more responsibility.

Perhaps we could soon revert to the ways of yesteryear when the County roads were kept clear of snow by citizens organised on a rural basis. Today the same could be done in the town and other built up areas too with the aid of technology. A simple text message could get volunteers out to clear the pavements in their areas and also update them on areas in the town that needed assistance once the volunteers' own areas were cleared.

Click on the image below to enlarge and see how it was done in the past. Pictures too here and here for a more detailed look. Well done Dick and the Suburban usual suspects for forcing the Highland Council to address this issue. Tommy Hogg pointed out at that meeting that it does work in the Fishertown, if grit bins are available citizens will grit their own areas. Let's hope that by next winter this concept is rolled out all over town.

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