Saturday, February 18, 2012

Firhall Bridge promises emerge

Murd took his campaign to both the River and West Community Council meetings during the week and received their commitment to continue supporting his efforts to see improved access installed at the important and popular river walk crossing.

Liz mentioned the possibility of some cash for the improvements coming from the discretionary fund but there would be difficulties with that as so many other groups and organisations rely on contributions from the fund. Liz went on to say that the fund is more amenable to help with matching funding etc.

Since then Murd has received a copy of a letter from Ron MacKenzie the head of support services for Education, Culture and Support dated the 17th of February. (Bizarrely the Firhall Bridge is the responsibility of that department). The latter states that the redundant pipe on the bridge is to be removed by May. That will be a step forward in itself and give more manoeuvrability to pushchairs etc that have been pulled up the steps. On the subject of ramps there is a promise and perhaps more of a promise than Murd has received up to now. The promise is a sort of a commitment but to this observer there do appear to be get-out clauses in the text.

Maybe in this election year Liz, Sandy, Graham and Laurie could put their heads together and get this sorted for 2012 and the river walks could be made disabled friendly for visitors and locals alike with a Jubilee Ramp for the Firhall Bridge? See the letter from Ron MacKenzie here.

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growtosow said...

lets hope they get something sorted out for the firhall bridge, as it it such a lovely walk and the more folk who can access it the better, because at the moment only so many folk can use this walk which is a shame.
good luck with this