Friday, February 24, 2012

Firhall Bridge - Update from Murd

Why I will not surrender and give up on the rights of people less fortunate then me

1) I believe every one has the same rights to enjoy what a circular walk has to offer in the way of wildlife and the wonders of nature.

2) Close by to this walk is a care home for a large number of the less fortunate. The more fortunate among the population can get up the steps, myself included at the moment, but who knows what the future holds for us all.
I have asked the carers would they like to be able to cross the bridge. They answer yes, for them it would be an alternative to taking the residents into town, something which is not always a pleasant experience for some wheelchair bound citizens for various reasons.

3) Mothers and grandparents who can't get prams/pushchairs up the steps and if they do as I have done when younger, have to descend in a backward motion so I am now denied the pleasure of taking my youngest grandchild on that walk. We also have a large group of other people who can not negotiate the steps owing to them being steep and narrow.

4) Remember this is a holiday town where people do come to enjoy the peace and tranquility and recuperate from all kinds of illness. And not looking for Brownie points here but the walk up from the jubilee bridge to Firhall is kept tidy of litter and dog dirt by myself and others who do take a pride in the walk. The pleasure of being able to walk, talk, push a pram without having to look where you put your feet is a pleasure, Over 400 people use this path per week at the moment.

5) As a young man I took an oath to defend my country and all in it. To day you have young servicemen and women doing the same and suffering some horrible injuries but if they were to cone to Nairn would be denied the walk around the river.

6) I appeal to all those of you who can, try the walk and judge for yourselves the need for a ramp, and remember there are people who need your help as well as mine to achieve this. Please add your voice to this, it's is a long hard road on your own, so now you know why I have quoted a wartime saying.

7) I would urge our four Highland Councilors to press for the Education Committee (yes strangely the Firhall Bridge is their responsibility) to fulfill their recent promise to install a ramp at the bridge as soon as possible and obtain a definite start date during this current term of office of the council which ends in May. Perhaps just a little cash could be put to the Education Committee from the discretionary fund. Maybe too the bridge could be included in the next list of projects to be completed by offenders under the Scottish Government scheme. I note today that the Inverness Courier informs its readers that Clach Football Club are to get a Scottish Government grant of £54,000 for a new concrete pathway and a raised area for disabled people. Well done Clach, now how about the authorities seeing to it that the Firhall Bridge gets sorted in the next list of such projects.

Firhall Bridge campaigners will not surrender.



E.Maree said...

This is a fantastic, powerful open letter. I hope the Education Committee is listening.

growtosow said...

This is a fantastic, powerful open letter. I hope the Education Committee is listening.
and i for one would second this lets hope murd gets the support for this very worth while campaign, come on folks its for all of us, lobby your local councillor.

MURD said...

It want be long before you will be approached for your vote so let them know what your feelings are. Will it be on there wish list??? There are some the selfish attitude I am alright Jack so it dose not bother me. But there is a lot will Benefit and need your help to get it in place. And to use one of the Council's own expressions.