Wednesday, February 15, 2012

River CC unhappy with the way joint community council meetings are going

Discontent with the way the joint Community Council meetings are being run emerged at the meeting of the River CC yesterday (Tuesday). Leslie Boulton was the first to speak out, he said:

“I went to that meeting in the Academy and in fact it wasn’t a joint meeting it was another Community Council meeting. That’s going to be four times a year, we have 11 meetings a year. Already I’ve heard the police report 3 times this year.”

He then went on to give a list of subjects that he thought should have been talked about at the joint meeting but weren’t, such as the by-pass, the co-op and the garage.
Tommy was the next to speak: “That’s what I say Leslie and they keep telling us we should be meeting to discuss this and it’s the same thing we’re discussing.”
Stephanie Whittaker was the next to contribute, she said: “Our meeting is next and we’re leading the next meeting so we’ll show them by example how it should be done.”

Simon Noble asked whether there was any discussion beforehand about what the agenda should be.

“No,” replied Tommy.

Simon Noble then proposed that the three chairs of the Community Councils should have a discussion about what the agenda should be and it should be items of common interest.

There was then some more discussion before Steph said; “I’d expected us to talk about the Common Good.”

Tommy then said, “That never came up.”

Steph continued:” If we’re going to talk about the Common Good it should be a big meeting, everyone and a chance for the public to come as well.”

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