Thursday, February 23, 2012

Common Good meetings

One that slipped through the notes last week. Last Wednesday the 15th of February and Rosemary Young said at the West CC that there had been a meeting of community councillors (that morning) to discuss Common Good issues and that there would be another one on the 1st of March. Rosemary said: "Your community councillors are working very hard making sure that the Common Good is behaving as it should."

As far as the Gurn knows the meeting on the morning of the 15th was not open to the public and neither will be the one to be held on the 1st of March. Obviously the three community councils are formulating a strategy to go to the Highland Council with proposals concerning the Common Good Fund. This observer has noted in the past that the Highland Council has been accused of a lack of transparency concerning Common Good affairs. Perhaps it is time now for the town's three Community Councils to let the public in to all of their meetings concerning the Common Good or at least publish minutes of them, otherwise there is a danger that they too will be eventually accused of a lack of transparency.

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Anonymous said...

They represent the community so therefore it should be open to the community to see and hear what is being debated. Still not happy until we get the swizz voting system in.