Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Sainsbury's boss calls on high street to shrink or die"

One of our regular readers wonders what our High Street traders might think of the thoughts expressed by Justin King the chief executive of Sainsbury's as reported in the Telegraph.

"Justin King, the retailer's chief executive, will say that all too often high streets were a 'poor second' to out of town shopping centres.

Mr King, who has run Sainsbury's for the past eight years, will criticise local shops for failing to cater for the local population - for instance by refusing to offer customer loyalty schemes.

He will also call on town centres to be cleaned up and made safer while insisting that supermarkets should not be blamed for the demise of the High Street." More on the Telegraph


Greg said...

He's right - all too often high streets are a poor second to out of town retail park - fortunatly not so here !

Iain said...

He is only saying what Mary Portas, "Queen of Shops" reported at the end of last year - Portas argues that the High St has to offer a more attractive overall experience of shopping and entertainment.

The High St has to re-invent itself and I believe Nairn is making progress towards becoming a unique Highland High St. The main problem, that perhaps could be picked up by the Association of Nairn Businesses, is how to co-ordinate the development of specialist retail outlets. Retail is mainly driven individuals who have an idea or a skill. It's all too easy to end up with an over-supply of certain services.

We need to have some means of defining the type of High St we want and setting out objectives that will attract the entrepreneurs who will help create a unique Nairn retail experience.

BTW - Nairn Model Centre offers a loyalty card!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that our local council(Swale -Sittingbourne) is finally doing something to regenerate not just the High Street, but the whole town centre. Businesses are doing their part, revamping their shops to make them more pleasant to visit.

shop local said...

In light of this post I was thinking as to what shops on the High Street I've actually been in over the past year

Post Office
Hardware and everything you don't need shop
Craft shop
Bicycle shop

Looks like I have a lot of shops to visit if the High Street is to stay open

Another local shopper said said...

Good idea 'shop local'you made me think of where I go in Nairn on a regular basis and I came up with the following

Post Office
Other dress shop
Service Point
Electrical shop
Charity shops
Everything you son't want shop
Coffee shops

I very rarely go to a jewellers, travel agent, butchers or library these days so rarely step inside these doors in Nairn or anywhere else. Go to DIY more often but have only stopped inside the hardware store once.

Jane Harkiss said...

Well? Maybe a little word in his shell-like is in order? Don't just take it, shake it! Cheerie-bye. P xx