Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Courthouse not big enough for Sandown Charrette!

It is entirely obvious to this observer that there is now not enough room in the Courthouse to entertain all those members of the public that wish to attend. Day 2 and there were nearly forty folk in there and standing room only with officials running around to find more chairs. There might have been worries and arguments over the level of publicity last night at the Academy but the punters continue to turn up. C'mon down Gurnites!

Rosemary Young is upset that there was no hot water left for her to have a cup of coffee at the 11.15 break, which incidently took place around 11.30 due to old toxic Sandown questions resurfacing once again and taking up a bit of time.

The content was about community today and there was a lot of very good input. Brian Stewart and Lorreine Thompson very prominent again with Brian asking why development was the only game in town and why other uses hadn't been discussed up to now and over the last 48 hours. Lorreine supported that. Brian articulating that the whole meeting seemed to be subconsciously accepting the creation of a new suburb. Julian Farrar facilitating seemed to calm his worries a little by explaining that other options were being considered by the charrette simultaneously.

Interesting talking in the break to people who feel that Sandown should be left as a green lung - this observer feels that they could become quite a strong lobby group yet whatever happens at the Charrette.

Things do seem to be building as promised - the best show in town this week folks and all you need to do to have a cameo role is stroll up the stairs to the Courthouse chamber. There might not be any seats however. See you there?


green fields said...

I've not been able to get to the Charrette, short notice and work, but so glad to hear that their are voices asking that Sandown remains a 'green lung'

Allotments and green spaces a big 'yes please'

This could be started now, but even if the economic recovery happens tomorrow any housing developments are going to take years and the land will sit idle

must be so proud said...

Just shift over to the new community centre. After all, that's why we're having to sell our land isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia confirms that a charrette is a method of organizing thoughts from experts and the users into a structured medium that is unrestricted and conducive to the creativity and the development of myriad scenarios. Unfortunately holding these sessions during the work day prevents a wider involvement of 'users'. This observer hopes that all of the options that come forward include elements for recreation, site for a future primary school and a neighbourhood centre (including post office).

Anonymous said...

I thought it was only on for Monday night at the court house. I didn't know it went on for half the week, otherwise I could have attended.