Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oor Graham wants a full time traffic warden for Nairn

An example of how one selfish local motorist abused the Highway Code in Leopold Street.

Oor Graham is into campaign overdrive this week with articles in both the Nairnshire and Inverness Courier calling for a full time traffic warden for Nairn. Above you can see an example of what happens in Nairn when there are no traffic wardens around. Graham seems to think traffic wardens shouldn't give out too many fines and hits out against the blitz by recent visiting yellow perils from Inverness

“We need to protect and support the businesses and shops and cafés in Nairn, they are feeling the impact of the economic downturn, the last thing they need right now is the added discouragement of customers afraid they will receive a hefty fine for parking," he told the Inverness Courier. Sorry Graham, that is just silly, the priority must be to protect pedestrians and other road users from the like of the dangerous parking shown in the image above and a fine is the best way to do that. It is astonishing how some drivers in Nairn believe they have the right to park more liberally than others - that has to stop.


Graisg said...

@ Deer me - yes this observer agrees with you.

Bare Faced said...

It's more than 'silly'. It's asking for the laws to be ignored so that motorists who break them just get a verbal clip around the ear rather than a fine. What's the point then in employing expensive traffic wardens?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of examples of this type of parking can be seen most days in Nairn. Most of it is down to laziness because they can't be arsed finding a parking space and walking. Come on, nowhere in the Nairn High Street area is that far away from some type of parking. Or do these people all live such busy lives that the 'rules' don't apply to them?

I am not a robot said...

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Graisg said...

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Double Yellows said...

Election year, can't oor Graham fix Internet Explorer, I hear he's a mean man with his sledge hammer

Liberal Parking Demonised said...

So, oor Graham wants someone to run up to folk's cars, chap on the window, and tell them they've parked illegally

Funny, I thought I covered this sort of common sense stuff when I passed my test, but maybe some folk have genuine difficulty in spotting yellow lines or signs telling them about the parking restrictions?

PS - the new comment robot/restrictions on the Gurn are driving me nuts, think I need some squinty specs

Greg said...

Let's have a full time warden for Nairn, save council money by paying them no salary but let them keep all the fines. I can't think of anywhere else I've been where people so blatantly ignore the rules and park selfishly causing inconvenience to others.

Anonymous said...

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Graisg said...

Will give you this much anon:
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Brian Turner said...

There certainly has been some appalling parking along the High Street, with some people thinking nothing of parking on the pavement, amongst other things.

However, the recent blitz revealed that there appears to be no long stay parking in the town centre, other than Somerfield's car park, which is a ridiculous situation.

It may certainly be a good idea to revise some of the 1 hour only parking restrictions around the High Street, so that shoppers and workers alike have somewhere to park.

The previous suggestion on the Gurn about using the space freed up by demolishing the old community centre is certainly a sensible one, and that would certainly help.

There's lots of talk for the long term development of Nairn, but little talk about keeping the High Street accessible - other than people should walk, grumble, moan, etc.

Perhaps parking availability should be more of a planning concern, because with suggestions of developing the old council offices into business premises, the old bus station into flats, and potential natural growth for the high street in general, parking pressures are going to build up chronically.

Bootsy said...

Parking space availability on the High Street has shrunk in recent years post the Streetscaping (remember the likes of the spaces outside RBS).

A priority for the High Street has to be loading bays as for many shops that is the only way they can receive goods deliveries.

The one hour slots suit me fine and at least there is then a steady movement of cars rather than the space be taken up by one car all day

Anyone parking in the Co-op car park and heaven forbid walking to a High Street shop is hardly a challenge, unless you are disabled but then there are some disabled bays on the High Street

Maybe the new empty buses that scuttle around the town could offer park and ride from say the Links?

Graisg said...

Thanks for all comments - this thread now closed.