Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sandown Charrette continuing input and consultation

Quite a few articles on the Gurn this weekend, scroll down the page to see them.

One of our readers who has concerns about the Charrette has asked us to point out that there is still the opportunity for everyone to comment on the proposals and plans.

Our regular reader reminds us that the Highland Council's architect Tim Stott still welcomes all kind of comments and ideas. He will put them into the draft paper which will be introduced at the Ward Forum. They suggest the deadline for all ideas and opinions from the community is “before” the Ward Forum on 29th February at the Golf View Hotel. is the address if anyone should feel so inclined (replace the AT with @ - anti-spam measure). The results of the charrette should be published midweek on the Council's website. But in the meantime you can see the product as it looked on Friday afternoon here on the Gurn Flickr pages.

This observer has to admit to missing any announcement about the Ward Forum being held in the Golf View and the Council's website currently states that the meeting will be held in the Courthouse. Wherever the meeting is held it will be worthwhile attending to see how things are moving along and the reaction of the usual suspects* to the semi-polished Charrette product as it proceeds to Development Brief status. Also interesting will be the reappearance of Jim McKinnon the Chief Planner for Scotland. He was the star turn on the opening night last Monday and we hope to have more of his speech on the Gurn soon if time permits. Scroll down the Gurn for articles on the Sandown Charrette and also for other interesting articles that have gone up this weekend.

* One correspondent has suggested that the use of the term the "usual suspects" is not entirely helpful in what amounts to civic life in Nairn. Gurnites will recall that Oor Sandy used this phrase sometime ago to describe some of the refusniks that were using ward forums to air their views etc. This observer uses it not as a pejorative term but almost as a term of endearment to those who work hard for the best interests of the town. Perhaps our attitude to the usual suspects can best be summarised by a read of this article "The usual suspects offer hope". They are mostly community councillors, industrious and unpaid, who have the interests of the town at heart. The Gurn may have issues occasionally about some of their methods but that is a matter of personal taste perhaps. Here's a picture from last year - there have been a few changes in personnel since the Community Council elections however. If you are one of the usual suspects and find the use of this term offensive please tell the Gurn.

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Jane Harkiss said...

Having been subjected to a glittering array of verbal abuse over the years, I consider 'usual suspects' to be eminently civilised, almost a term of endearment. And it was a very good film too. I can think of many, many worse things to be called. Oh yes. Pxx