Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nairn "Combination" workhouse

Interesting details of the former Nairn Workhouse that was situated in Balblair Road and demolished in 2000 halfway down this webpage, including a list from the census of the unfortunate occupants in 1881. This observer remembers, whilst working at McD's down the Carse in the early eighties, being sent up to search for a timecard amidst hundreds of thousands of others stored in the building, part of the former workhouse was hired out for long-term storage of documents.


Former Fireman said...

We Used to use the building for BA (Breathing Apparatus) training. It certainly was a eerie building in the dark.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of us had ancestors this awful place,labeled and looked down on.

Nelly Capelli said...

my father was born there and have tried without success to trace his mother who was called jessie macdonald and gave birth to john in april 1926