Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jubilee celebrations for the Links instead of Viewfield?

Suburban CC met in the Academy tonight with representatives present from River and West CCs. The Big Lunch proposals for Viewfield were discussed but those present seemed minded to see something happen on the Links instead. Coincidentally the Gurn poll in the side-bar finally reached 100 votes today and below is the result (image will enlarge). Voting has been very slow indeed, it looks like there is a growing faction in Nairn that is not bothered either way as far as the Jubilee is concerned.


Anonymous said...

I know that Gurn polls are labelled 'unscientific' but from talking with people I pretty much get the impression that very few are bothered by the jubilee event.

Highland Council workers get the day off, but for the majority this is just another work day with little to celebrate.

Taking the friction that exists in some quarters with regard public versus private sector workers, a big jolly for those with the day off work is hardly going to help cement such feelings

I expect their are a few people who would genuinely like to wave union flags and celebrate their queen's jubilee, but I suspect they could organise their own celebration and hardly need Nairn's CC's to do it for them

Jane Harkiss said...

Uh huh, you have to admit he or s/he does have a point. P xx

Anonymous said...

Were the CCs not asked to contribute
by no less than the Queen's own
representative,the Lord Lieutenant of Nairnshire.?