Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Devolution for Nairnshire on the way after the May Council elections?

Read the following, it could be straight from the manifesto of the usual suspects, if they had one:

"There is a strong and urgent case to be made for more community-control in the Highlands. The Highland Council in its current form is damaging local democracy and holding back local growth. Reform is needed, and it is needed now.

"I was elected with nearly 50% of the vote, on a very clear platform for local government reform. This is my personal priority in this parliament, and I can confirm I will be seeking to work with the Government to legislate on this issue during this term.

"The idea of smaller, more effective local government is gaining real momentum. Building on the vast support we enjoy in the north, we are now winning support in Holyrood."

That's Rob Gibson MSP quoted in the Northern Times. Plenty more where that came from here. Sounds like what a lot of folk in Nairnshire have been asking for for some time. This is the way the debate about local government in the Highlands needs to be going. Too much power has been centralised in Inverness over recent years. It is time to get some back in the Courthouse here in Nairn. There might not be any more money around for a long time but with a bit of imagination we could do things differently, utilising the talents in the community, the great majority of folk who are willing to work for the common good of us all. The interests of Highland Council do not always dovetail with the interests of Nairn - we must have more control here in Nairnshire!

Hat-tip to Colin MacAulay for spotting that article in the Northern Times.


Grass Root said...

Hear hear!

It would be good to see all current and prospective candidates for positions as elected representatives of Nairn(shire) supporting this approach.

It would equally be a pity if the case for such reform were to be identified with, or claimed by, one party. The arguments against centralisation and for more localised responsibility and decision-making stand on their own merits. They are not (and should not become) an issue of party-ideology.

Spurtle said...

Everything I have heard to date from most of those standing for the elections in May only reinforces my belief that there is no place for party politics in local government.

Reading the letters in this weeks' Nairnshire evokes images of folks who should really know better, sligning political custard pies at each other.

Come on people, start behaving like grown ups.

How can any prospective candidate expect the public to show faith in their ability to think for themselves when they continously spout party mantra? I would like to be represented by someone who doesn't refer to the party hymn sheet for instructions, prior to scratching their own backside.

The people of Nairn, and the Highlands at large, should follow follow Orkney's example and have a Council made up solely of independents.

Or perhaps, alternatively, after Douglas Adams, putting yourself forward for a position of public office should disqualify you from holding it......

Anonymous said...

Never happen, because Inverness Council will not allow power to slip away from them. I just want my swizz election system...