Thursday, February 02, 2012

No long-term future for Rosebank?

Sometimes you wonder if we'd all be better attending the charrette online in Second Life or one of the other virtual worlds. Then we could put up and down at will some of the planning scenarios that are being discussed and stroll around the new vistas and even go into the new Wetlands Cafe for a coffee as discussion continues. In reality are the wish lists being expressed simply an excursion to Fantasy Island given the current economic climate? You do get the odd vision of where official thinking is perhaps going however.

There has been talk of how, with Rosebank being only 65% full at the moment, when schemes go ahead on Delnies and perhaps Sandown (once the Delnies roundabout has been built) then a school could go ahead in that area and there'd be no further need for Rosebank and consequently less traffic jams in town on school days. Yes it's only a scenario and they're coming ten to the dozen up in the Courthouse at the moment but it obviously is one of a basket of choices that is in the ether in the places Highland Council experts gather.

Want to catch the drift? Today's the last day of the charrette.

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