Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oor Graham on the propaganda trail - " 'Number 1' to get things done for Nairnshire"?

Oor Graham has been out and about with a massive A3 size "Focus on Nairnshire" newsletter. A copy was given to the Gurn by a co-conspirator in Broadhill. Will this endangered species be consigned to Nairnshire polictical history or will he be the May election's comeback kid? The leaflet proclaims that he is 'Number 1' to get things done for Nairnshire and presents a load of articles where he claims to be achieving things locally.

You can offer to send the local LibDem mannie a donation or pledge your support on May 3rd. You can even tick a box to get a "Support the bypass" sticker for your car. See what you make of it for yourself here (it was too big to scan in a oner, hopefully you will be able to read it). This observer would contend that Graham has a bit of ground to catch up (remember this Gurn article) but a week is a long time in politics.



Bambi steaks said...

Oor Graham's campaign for 'Real Venison' at Sainsbury's seems to have dropped off the political menu, or was that just a flash in the pan?

Anonymous said...

Good to see he is recyling his old Support the bypass stickers.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 to get things done in Nairnshire? I hope he can back up that claim?

floating voter said...

The items that Cllr Marsden lists are all reasonable, but are they not just jobs that need doing rather than being dragged into an election mandate?

Maybe given the current cash strapped situation of HC we are supposed to chose candidates by which expenditures they deem worth supporting, I wonder what the other folk standing will highlight as their chosen projects?

growtosow said...

got my list ready, first of would be how about helping murd with the firhall bridge, second would be getting the main bridge painted.