Saturday, February 04, 2012

Liz's Latest Leaflet

It's over three months to the Highland Council elections in May but the local SNP have hit the ground running in what promises to be a long campaign. Liz is a very effective campaigner on the doorstep and Colin MacAulay is an impressive mannie too, even if you are not an SNP supporter you might enjoy a chat with this prospective candidate to hear some of his views on what can be done to protect the identity of Nairnshire. This observer had the opportunity to talk to him during the Sandown Charrette and was impressed by what he had to say. Click here to see a copy of the leaflet pictured in this article.

All the candidates will no doubt be wishing to tell us what they want to do for us and for the for sitting candidates it will also be about what they claim they have done for us. Local politics isn't what it used to be however, with three highly active community councils in the town and others in the hinterland beyond, many folk in Nairnshire are up to speed with the issues and will have questions to ask on their doorsteps. It will be interesting to see how far the candidates go in what they offer the community - will anybody come out and offer to return the Common Good Fund to local control? By that this observer would say simply to the control of the four elected Highland Councillors after May and say two or three chosen representatives from each of Nairn's community councils who would all sit on a local Common Good committee. It is just nonsensical that it's all 80 Highland Councillors have control of our Common Good

Yes Gurnites, let's ask them all what they can do to return a bit of local control to Nairnshire. We know there's no extra money but there are other ways of doing things (Dick Youngson's proposal to mobilize volunteers for snow clearing in times of extreme bad weather for example) so perhaps with a bit more control back in Nairn and the imagination of local people we could do things that we perhaps can't at present. This observer feels that the electorate want quick and lasting change in our relationship with Glenurquhart Road. Our poll in the side bar indicates that over 52% would consider voting for a candidate standing as "Freedom for Nairnshire End Inverness Rule" on the ballot paper.

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