Saturday, February 04, 2012

DIY bridge

Thanks to Jim O'Brien for the above pictures. Jim tells the Gurn: "I went for a walk on the East Beach from Kingsteps this afternoon - first time for over a year, fine but cold day. Found a new footbridge over the old course of the River Nairn by the end of the dunes.
It's made from fallen young pines and bits of a white flagpole lashed together with blue nylon builders line.
A passer-by said it has been there for six months or so, built by a local man. It's quite a step up onto it, and there is a handrail to hang onto, but some may have difficulty keeping their feet on it.
Quite a good idea, but I saw two people carry dogs over, because pooches aren't sure about it."

It looks like the bridge has undergone an upgrade Jim since this observer was last out that way.


Murd said...

This may be the mystery alternative route over the Nairn bit far away from the Firhall and would be difficult to push a chair on the sand
But you never know what is being considered as an alternative
and it's one I did not know about is there another hidden way?


Jane Harkiss said...

I think it's beautiful. Rustic and gorgeous. I want one. Pxx

growtosow said...

well their is enough wood up the river to make a bridge for firhall, i had a walk around their the other week and the amount of trees that are fallen and just left such a shame as they could be used for firewood plus this would tidy up this lovely walk as it is well used by a lot of folk.

Wild one said...

Please do not even suggest tidying up the fallen trees round the riverside. They are a valuable and essential part of a very delicate environment. If you remove them you cause effects throughout the ecosystem. The riverside has to be seen through the eyes of nature, not as a tidy garden for humans.

MURD said...

When I asked to remove some of the fallen trees the response was NO and when asked why told no chainsaws. I do not have a chainsaw and as a boy kept the home fires burning with no more than an axe hand saw and the barrow. I must admit I did intend to move forward with the times and use a trailer. I hear all the time lets try and get the community involved with all sorts of projects but so far any I have put forward gets rejected But may be trying to tell ME something? but I will plod on and try to get things done. As Growtosow and others say it is a lovely walk to enjoy the wonders of nature and all sorts of wild life. And most of the time litter free and more important dogs dirt is bagged and binned by most which in itself shows how the people appreciate the walk and lot's are dog owners. It is recorded over twenty thousand walk the river. NOW! if a ramp were to be installed and DISCRIMINATION removed it could be enjoyed by a lot more. So I will plod on and try to have a ramp installed. I am grateful for what has been done to improve the walk And will use every opportunity to further need of a ramp.

Guess Who said...

Ok wild one got the message
The next time the path is blocked with fallen trees and branches litter snow on the steps of the bridge etc etc will just leave it to nature

Jane Harkiss said...

I'm with you on this Wild Thing. Pxx

You make my heart sing said...

Hey children...leave that ecology alone!