Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sandown Ward Forum tomorrow night (Weds) - Golf View Hotel

See the plans, have your say and hear Jim MacKinnon the Scottish Government's Chief planner give his thoughts on the Sandown Charrette so far. More details here.


Complete and utter toffer said...

Are ordinary members of the public still allowed to travel along Seabank Road to the Golf View? Wouldn't want to run any bairns over and promise not to travel in my white van

Anonymous said...

Cannot make it, since been told not allowed it on my van. So cannot have my comment on stuff, so I go back thinking Community councils are for certain people only, not the whole community.

Concerned resident said...

I assume that the comments made with regard access to the hotel are in light of the comments recorded in this weeks Nairnshire as given by Cllr Bill Young?
Cllr Young seems to feel that his children are at risk from speeding traffic in the west end of town, this due to some drivers now using the Altonburn Road to circumnavigate the A96
I have news for Cllr Young. Unfortunately all children are at risk from traffic if they live beside any road, which many do
Speeding traffic is not confined to the west end of Nairn, it happens everywhere there are travelling vehicles and roads
The concerns of the west residents have been reported to the Police who I assume have taken seriously the allegation of speeding traffic.
I have not read any suggestion for traffic calming so can only assume that west residents want to act in an elitist way and have roads closed to ordinary members of the public, and are using speed as an excuse for this action
It's a great shame that the west CC want to remove themselves from the rest of Nairn through this policy of road closure, there are other areas of Nairn who could shout 'speeding cars' and ask for similar road closures but won't
I very much hope that HC see fit to refuse any suggestions by the West CC for road closures, either that or they allow west residents to pick up all the costs of maintaining roads that are closed to general traffic
Sorry to hijack the title of this post re the meet at the Golf View, but Cllr Young and his cohorts need to know as to how unpopular they are making the west of town through this ridiculous stance