Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sandown Ward Forum - "Everyone is welcome to come along"

The view across Sandown Lands earlier this week

Highland Council press release:

The Nairn Ward Forum taking place on Wednesday 29 February will focus on the steps been taken to prepare a development brief for the Sandown site in the town and the Highland Council is encouraging people to come along and have their say.

The forum will take the form of a follow-up to the recent charrette event which was held between 30th January and 2nd February.

In the chair again will be the Chief Planner with the Scottish Government, Jim MacKinnon who launched the recent charrette. During these design workshops people from the community came along and participated giving the Council many ideas and opinions on how the future Sandown should look. The Ward Forum will focus on these ideas and how they can be taken forward to produce a Development Brief for Sandown. Council officials will be present during the afternoon exhibition and will make a presentation at the evening meeting.

Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Sandy Park said: “There was a good turnout for the charrette sessions and Jim and the Council's consultant architect Julian Farrar did an excellent job in facilitating community discussions and getting people involved. The Ward Forum on the 29th is another chance for people to input their ideas and suggestions for the next step which is preparing the Development Brief. The Sandown site is not only visually important as it spans a main tourist route, but is a key asset for Nairn so it is vital we produce a Brief which captures the essence of what we want for the future of Nairn and reflects the aspirations of the whole community.”

The Ward Forum will take place at 7.00pm at the Golf View Hotel, Nairn. Plans will be on display in the hotel from 3pm onwards and planning officials will be available to answer any queries. Everyone is welcome to come along.

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