Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A candle shines a light across a hundred years - Nairnshire World War 1 dead remembered

Last night at ten o'clock committee and members of the Royal British Legion in Nairn lit a candle at the town's war memorial. A simple, dignified  act showing respect for those local folk that were caught up in the massive slaughter that was to follow the outbreak of war 100 years ago. (Picture Murray MacRae)

Normal life was to be swept aside for four years. Apparently the weather had been good, the crops were ready for harvest and autumn was set to make an early appearance -  sounds a bit familiar. Hopefully our minds will make the leap back from our digital age to those fateful days and think of all those many lives that would be lost in the slaughter. People from all walks of life that were going about their everyday business were shortly to be swept up into almost unimaginable inhumane and horrific situations brought about by war on an industrial scale. Perhaps we might analyse too what happened and how we can avoid  catastrophic conflict in the future because for many people in this world today war is still , sadly, an everyday reality. 

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