Thursday, August 07, 2014

Trader to complain to Danny Alexander MP about fees for a pitch at the Games

A trader, who did not wish to be named, claimed to the Gurn that rates for a pitch at the Nairn games have gone up from £60 to £400 in the space of three years. This trader told the Gurn that they were willing to pay a fair rent but this type of increase was too much. They also feel that there should be a discount for local traders from the Nairnshire area. The trader wished to know where all the common good money collected is spent and expressed anger at the recent revelations about management of the Common Good and the problems reported in the press. 

The Gurn contacted Michael Green with the traders points and he was equally forthright in his response, he said: "The complainant could also ask Danny why we are not allowed to give preference to locals but must put it out to everybody, probably something to do with free trade and avoidance of restrictive trading . Again , if they have time can he ask Danny why they charge 600 pounds per day for Inverness Games who get less than half the crowds we do!! Oh and I nearly forgot its only 100 for Sunday* and there is a waiting list of traders desperate to come."

*Michael Green is referring to Reunion Sunday after Games Day Saturday where there will be another programme of events on the Links.


dr-grigor said...

What an absolutely atrocious amount to charge traders for a pitch for a day at Nairn games !our council really is trying hard to spoil things for our town !

dr-grigor said...

Absolutely atrocious !

Anonymous said...

£60 to £400 in three years, an absolute disgrace. Exactly what has the price of Inverness games got to do with the situation ??. Absolutely nothing, clutching at straws councillor

Anonymous said...

Reunion day is surely an appeasement so locals don't complain as their games are slowly turned into identikits. I really hope charities aren't charged that. Even the previous article on fishing sounds like the common good fund is out to squeeze as much as possible, even if it's not for the common good of Nairn.