Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nairn traffic jams - the public transport viewpoint

The view earlier this evening from on board the 10 "express service" from Inverness. Arriving at Sandown around 1600 the bus joined the queue - it was then far quicker to get off and walk into town. The bus from Inverness took about 25 minutes to get to Nairn and perhaps the same again to get from the edge of the western suburbs to the town centre. Traffic lights again or is something else causing the delays today?


Anonymous said...

Phined it in agian, TS totally obliviose to it. didn't have a clue that the A96 major trunk road.
Told me that the road works were there till |friday and that is what is causing it. No. the roadworks are finished apart from lining.
I am still waiting for a phone call but do not expect one as usual.

Anonymous said...

a damn disgrace,,a rally of local people protesting about it might get better results,instead of meetings and surveys costing thousands

Spurtle said...

Fault of the the traffic lights.

Particularly the combination of the crossing at the top of Harbour and the Lochloy road end .

Transport Scotland promise much and deliver very little.

The phrase 'incapable of finding their own backsides in the dark' has been used before and it's quite apt.

It would be nice to think that there is someone from Transport Scotland or in local goverment who is willing to prove that they are capable of putting wrong situations right because if they think that the traffic system in Nairn works, then they live in cloud cuckoo land.

We've had many promises of improvements but not much evidence of change. Still see tailbacks as far out as Delnies on a regular basis.

Obviously neither Transport Scotland or their masters give a toss about Nairn but they should, because this chaos affects the whole of the A96 corridor and causes a toxic legacy for anyone living in Cawdor , Auldearn and the urban rat runs.

Vote for the green lights said...

Will anyone ever address the problem which is down to superfluous sets of traffic lights and continued bad traffic light management

I seem to remember the Lib Dems grabbed hold of the Nairn bypass as a political lever to gain favour, is there no party who'd like to take on the traffic lights and management in a similar way for us?

How about the Green party, they could make sure all our lights were green at the right times?

Gift for any party who wants some publicity

Anonymous said...

Same again today,traffic backed up past Duncan Drive out to tradespark for at least an hour.
Reported again but will see if I get a call back. Highly unlikely as still waiting for call from yesterday. Traffic was still backing up at 18.45pm last night.

Anonymous said...

I Think that yes there is an issue with the lights, But I think it could work, the lights can work together, But the volume of traffic against the time period when there is a green man light on is the issue, every time its pressed there is a stand still for 30 secs or so and with the nature of it you could have someone at every crossing in Nairn at the same time, Do we need so many? could some of them been off over the school hols? Gridlock!

Spurt said...

Traffic light pixie in town this late afternoon at the Lochloy Road end lights.....end result? No great tailbacks, well at least massively reduced.

So it shows that it can be done.

Anonymous said...

On way trough Nairn late Saturday aft, 4 Bear Scotland lads standing at Lochloy lights, they seemed to be changing them to keep the traffic flowing. Overkill with how many, who cares at least it was a straight through run. Expected it to be bad considering it was games day, but no, result at least this once.