Monday, August 11, 2014

Official flood warning issued for Nairn

The text from a SEPA alert issued at 7.49 a.m.

A FLOOD WARNING has been issued for Nairn

Message valid from 11-08-2014 7:49 to 12-08-2014 7:49
A FLOOD WARNING has been issued for Nairn.

Heavy and persistent rain has affected the wider area overnight and is forecast to continue throughout the morning. Water levels in the River Nairn and surrounding burns and watercourses are rising as a result and will continue to get higher over the next few hours.

Agricultural land and low lying properties along the River Nairn between Broadley and Fishertown in Nairn are at risk of flooding. The risk downstream of the railway bridge including in Fishertown may be worse around the time of the high tide and the next tide will be at lunchtime.

you can see a map of the area that can potentially be affected here. Another warning for the River Park area here. And for Nairnside Cawdor here. Keep up todate with all SEPA alerts here.


Graisg said...

Water is currently lapping the steps at the bottom of the path down to the river by Water Lane (09.00), more rain to come and high tide due around lunch time.

E.Maree said...

No sign of the flood barriers going up on the river at 8am. I hope they've gone up now!

Anonymous said...

River still rising at Balnafoich which is up the top of the River Nairn (see SEPA river monitoring)and it takes a few hours to come down so looks like Fishertown is at very high risk, as its also a full moon and a very high tide at lunch time.
Hope the flood barriers are out by the council.

Anonymous said...

O,dear will the golf coerce get flooded at high tide