Monday, August 18, 2014

Sighting of missing guide dog Tess in Sluie Walks/Logie steading area says Fraser Stevenson

Tess's owner Fraser said on his facebook page yesterday evening (Monday 18th August):

"PUPDATE – 18/8/14 – There has been a SIGHTING!!! Near Sluie Walks/ Logie Steading, about 2 or 3 miles west of Forres, the sighting was on Saturday afternoon. It is a credible sighting as the young lady called Sophie, who is in her late teens, early twenties, she is a horse rider, who treks around that area regularly, plus her mother is a dog trainer, so she knows breeds of dogs. She recognised Tess from Facebook, on the Missing Dogs in Scotland page.
When Sophie saw ‘Tess’ she got off her horse and watched as ‘Tess’ ran across a road and started to eat something, I think ‘Tess’ was sizing her up, as she just looked at Sophie, who did try and coax her over. ‘Tess’ then ran back across the road and into some dence undergrowth, and disappeared again. Here’s the kicker, Sophie phoned the O800 number and left a message.

I was to meet a local Boarder, and two other volunteers today to do some more postering, but when I got in the car, Isobelle told me that Mike GDI, was at Sluie Walks, as there was a credible sighting, so we headed there this afternoon, and managed to meet up with Sophie who took us to the spot where she had been seen, with no luck today, we called her and blew the whistle, but could not see or hear anything.

If there are people on here from Nairn, Foress or the surrounding areas, I am
putting out a call to either search or keep an eye out in the Logie Stading/Sluie Walks area, she could have moved on again, so West Forres is also a good area to try.

Please help in any way you can, I’m not sure how she will be, she may be wary of people, having felt abandoned and on her own for nearly 4 weeks, just try and coax her with food. I will be speaking with Glasgow and Edinburgh GDs tomorrow to see what their next step is, we’re getting closer…….i hope…… Thanks everyone."

Fraser's facebook page here. Guide dogs news page here. here. 

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Anonymous said...

Tess' owner needs to leave something of his (like a jumper or t-shirt, that hasn't been washed so it smells of him) in the woods. The theory is that Tess will smell it and come to it. This has worked in many cases in the past, so fingers crossed it can work again. x x x