Monday, August 11, 2014

Auldearn Burn bursts its banks

Images below of the Auldearn Burn as it nears the River Nairn, one image taken on the town side of the Grantown Road and the others at Balmakeith Park where the Fire Brigade were working flat out to protect property from flooding.


Graisg said...

The new cemetery will be up the brae from there Anon, no need to worry.

Anonymous said...

That crew you see there were from Grantown, They did a great job, I'm sure Nairn crews were as busy doing a great job else where in Nairn! Credit where Credits due!

Now there is around 200 sand bags going spare!

Paulus's piece said...

twHa! - Mr(s) Anon sort of beat me to it - Fire crews - there again, bailing out rather than "putting it out"! No - Fires girls, behave! So, two points, firstly we are "under-covered" for the ever larger community we have become.Provide 2+ new units (Fire engines) for Nairn.Second, show our massive Appreciation and Thanks to All these guys (M&F!)whom are Always "There for Us" at risk of Their Lives - Better remuneration for a start!P.Coleman.