Friday, August 08, 2014

"We just don't know how good we can be unless we try." Gurn referendum soapbox No1.

This is hopefully the first in a series of referendum viewpoints from local residents (or those with a Nairnshire connection who regularly read the Gurn). We want to hear the views of citizens on the momentous decision that has to be made on September 18th. Please feel free to make comments but be respectful to your fellow citizens - politicians are fair game (most of them earn a pretty good wage out of it too) but it's time for the voice of ordinary folk, so take issue with those that want to step forward onto the Gurn digital soapbox if you wish but please be polite. Contact us on if you wish to participate.

First up is Stephen Fuller

"I'm a yes supporter but some of the actions of those from both sides just make me cringe. It's things like this that are the reason people are distancing themselves from the whole thing. People don't want to discuss it in fear that someone with an
opposing view will jump down their throat, shout at them or worse. It just doesn't help the discussion.

The future is uncertain and that remains true if we stay in the union just as much as if we go it alone.

I'm voting yes because Westminster does not represent Scotland's interests and why should they? In the UK we're a minority group. I want to see Scotland be able to Govern itself, we don't need to be the richest country in the world we just need to be able to look after our own. We may not be perfect as an independent country but we should be allowed to make our own mistakes. 

We just don't know how good we can be unless we try."


Anonymous said...

I'm a no supporter, to get that out the way first, and born in England to boot. But I appreciate this more fundamental point and seems a more central question. What are we. I'm English but I would call myself British first and foremost. I've lived throughout the UK. No region will ever get the government they vote for but Britain does and I feel a part of that and enjoy the variety of it's regions. I do hope both the debate/outcome and other economic factors don't lead us further towards a "what's in it for me" mindset but alas with groups like UKIP and some of the political threats from both sides of the referendum debate, I'm not holding my breath for the future, whatever the outcome.

dr-grigor said...

I totally agree with Stephen ..

Old Labour person said...

@Anon 8:48

I appreciate your honesty re being English and supporting the unionists with regard to the referendum. Roughly 10% of the population of Scotland is made up with folk born in England but not everyone of those supports the No vote

It's important that people realise that they are voting for an idea, no one is actually voting for a party or Alex Salmond. It's about Scotland becoming a country in it's own right

I'm not sure if Scotland could be classed as a region just now, but we didn't vote for a Tory government at the last election and have just one Tory MP in Scotland, how unfair is that?

Traditionally many of have voted for Labour in Scotland, but rather than a party linked to socialism increasingly it seems that even the Scottish Labour party are happy to adopt more right wing views, witness their support of the Tories over the referendum

I hope that we do get an independent Scotland that will lead to a new set of political parties in Scotland and that includes our very own Labour party, not the one we have at present

The alternative seems likely to be the Westminster political roundabout with either the Tories or Labour in power and increasingly it looks like we'll get another Tory government at the next general election with Boris Johnson in charge. What a thought, surely that alone is worth a Yes vote!

Anonymous said...

I think Nairn voted for Danny at the last election ans he's in the government. What more do you want ?

Ex Danny supporter said...

@ Anon 8:48

I think you will find that all of the people in Nairn including myself voted for Danny as a member of the Liberal Democrats. We did not vote for the monster that is the Tory/Lib Dem alliance with the Lib Dems helping to pass Tory policy.

The temptation to hold power will cost the Lib Dems many votes at the next election, I for one will not forgive their actions

It's hard now to even see Danny as a Lib Dem taking the the stance he's taken against Scotland in the independence campaign

Personally I hope he gets voted out at the next general election, I cannot see a political career for himself outwith the Tory party

Anonymous said...

Listen. It was was a hung parliment and they opted for the tories and they swung Britain ronnd. Now we have the strongest economy in europe

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3.47
Next you'll tell us Danny is looking after more than Danny!
Check out our GDP or our Growth or our Debt Ratio or our Pensions.
We might be "propping up a table" - But that is from the bottom of most rankings!
Strongest economy - nearly choked on my porridge. I think that you mistook a Westminster press release for the truth.

Con Dems said...

@ Anon 3:47

Ha ha ha

'they opted for the tories and they swung Britain ronnd. Now we have the strongest economy in europe'

We owe over a trillion poundsand it's growing fast

To try and raise some money what did the Lib Dems do, they supported the Tories with the likes of the Bedroom Tax taxing the poor.

I'll never forget the happy smiling face of Danny Alexander as he visited a food bank in Inverness, he helped bring about an economy that meant people couldn't afford to eat

I for one want a change in the way we're governed which is why I'm voting Yes in the referendum

The Lib Dems got into bed with the Tories because they wanted to, they chose the Tories over and above Labour. They could also have done nothing which would have eventually forced another general election

As for having the 'strongest economy in europe' no we don't. Scotland never will as long as Westminster hold the purse strings, we'll always be too wee, too poor, too stupid for anyone to care about us unless we are prepared to make a change

Anonymous said...

Mexico, Panama, Iceland, Eire - what do they have in common?
Better economic indicators than the UK.

JamesLogan Ralph said...

Scotland has to be careful that we do not end up a failed state. What is a failed state? Its a country that, in times of difficulty turns on the weakest parts of their population, thats the poor; the disabled; the unemployed, where the wealthy look after themselves and 'de'il tak the hindmost'. So after Independence....oh wait....!