Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jim Murphy MP “mauled by a flock of sheep” on Nairn High Street

The Westminster member’s visit to Nairn last week as part of his “100 streets” tour is mentioned in the Nairnshire Telegraph’s editorial today, there are also pictures on the front page. By contrast with the “vitriolic” version of events published elsewhere the Nairnshire makes comment on the welcome he received in Nairn from local YES activists:

“That is not quite how we saw it. The affair seemed quite affable and Mr Murphy, who has since claimed the housing scheme credentials as a tough politico, appeared to be handling it all with gusto. The animosity was on a par with being mauled by a flock of sheep! More baas than boos.”

More on page 6 of this week’s Leopold Street Thunderer. Videos of Jim’s visit can be seen here and here. An Inverness Courier report concentrating on "vitriol"  is available online here

A previous Gurn thread has attracted quite a bit of comment too – see what gurnites have said so far here. 

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