Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Images - County Centenary Baton (a work of art) that will travel the West Highland Way and kayak the Great Glen back to Nairn

The baton was created from an Alder branch by David Walker of the Kayak club. The branch was donated by Greens Nurseries.  Individual images here (click on each one on that page just to see what a beautiful work of art the baton is) Full screen slideshow here. More information on the walk here. Video interview with Steven Bain and Ali Nicol here. 

The 15 walkers set off on Monday next week (1st September) from Milngavie and will reach Fort William on the Friday after 96 miles on the way. They will be joined by another 14 fans from Uncle Bob’s Bar for the final session. A back up vehicle for the walkers has been provided by Ken’s 24/7 taxis and Heather of Uncle Bob’s is providing a minibus for the walkers on the final day. Then the baton will be handed over to the Kayak club for the rest of the journey. 

The final part of the baton’s homecoming will be celebrated in a parade from the harbour to the Bandstand (site of County’s first ever competitive game) on Saturday September the 20th and all Nairnshire is invited to march behind a pipe band for a photo opportunity at the bandstand. Just wear something yellow and black and c’mon down. Details of the event here.

The walk and the marathon Kayak session is to raise funds for the County Fans Ground Improvement Fund and the Nairn Kayak club – if you would like to sponsor either the Fans GIF or the Kayak club please contact and we will forward your details.


Anonymous said...

Always love reading what folk get up to, Entertainment by watching 22 guys kick a ball for 90 minutes between a few bits of wood and now we can watch folk paddle into the harbour with a stick!

For anyone who's interested I'm on the East beach most days where you can watch my dog chase a ball and a stick for that matter for free

Graisg said...

fair play to you anon - comment is free too.