Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PPG promise to keep patients informed

The Patients Participation Group have said in relation to statements made by NHS Highland and Nairn Healthcare Group:

"The PPG committee, elected at the AGM of April 2014, feels it has a duty to continue to act as a forum for patients of the practice and to represent patient views. We acknowledge the issues raised by the Practice and following the meeting of 2nd July proposed a plan to achieve a mutually constructive way forward. The Practice nevertheless has made it clear that it is not prepared to work with the PPG in the form elected and confirmed in April.

PPG has had enormous public support, through attendance at its full meetings, interest in the Facebook page and correspondence in the local press and social media. 

With this in mind, we have already spoken with NHS Highland and the Scottish Health Council to explore options by which the people who have supported us can continue to be involved in learning about, contributing to and improving the healthcare of patients in the area. We expect to meet with SHC in the next month and to have further discussions with NHS Highland soon. We would be very happy if Nairn Healthcare Group joined us in shaping this way forward.

In the immediate future we will continue to keep patients informed through our website, Facebook pages and Twitter. We will be delighted to hear from patients interested in taking an active part in our development."
The PPG site is here.

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