Friday, August 08, 2014

More of Better Together heavyweight Jim Murphy MP on Nairn Hight Street - vitriol or a cheeky Nairn welcome for the Westminster representitive?

We've already published a large segment of debate between Jim and YES Nairn activists and last night we had a chance to go through the rest of the sequences we shot on Tuesday afternoon and put them together. The "Nairn High Street Referendum Debate" can be seen here  Youtube. Another Gurn post here has attracted a lot of comment, some of it focusing on the way YES activists decided to greet Jim when he came to town. 

Both the Highland News and the Inverness Courier have decided to report big time  on a "Vitriol" angle. Their headlines read "MP runs into 'vitriolic' YES campaigners" and  " 'Vitriol' Spills out at election hustings" respectively. Watch the video above and this one here and decide for yourself if this is in fact as the Inverness papers tell the story or simply a piece of imaginative sunny political street theatre and a wee blether between the MP and a few activists from the other side. 

If you have any thoughts to add there is a comment thread here that is worth a read too. 

Remember be you NO,YES or don't know and live locally we are willing to publish your thoughts on -  contact us at - how do you think YES or NO outcomes on September the 18th would impact locally?