Thursday, August 07, 2014

Jim Murphy MP has gone but a bit of hot debate about his visit lingers on

We put up a video of Jim's visit on the High Street and the wee blether he had with local YES supporters. The Highland News reported on the event  and their version of events relies heavily on what the MP had to say but does also speak to YES folk. Local YES activist views on the Highland News article are available on facebook here. 

Here is our video of Jim Murphy and a few local YESSERS in debate mode on Tuesday afternoon and here is a previous page where several comments have also been received by the Gurn in relation to the Westminster MP's flying visit. Please go there if you wish to add anything yourself. 

Are you YES, NO or undecided and live in Nairnshire/Gurnshire?  Tell the Gurn how you feel about the referendum and we will publish your thoughts. You can send material to If you wish anonymity that will be respected as long as you can identify yourselves to us as a local resident? We'd like to hear more of the Nairnshire angle, how would the outcomes affect you and what are your concerns?