Monday, August 11, 2014

River Nairn goes into angry brown spate mode

The scene at 7 a.m. from the Jubilee Bridge. The river was lapping at the edges of the path near the old cemetery and there is still a night of rain to come down from the catchment area. Large pieces of wood were seen at regular intervals. 

Also if you are in the habit of walking into town along the Cawdor Road make sure you have your wellies on today, there were at least two to three inches of water on the footpath around 7.a.m and  the wake from passing cars was capable of doubling that or even worse depending on the speed that motorists navigated the flood.


Anonymous said...

I think its high time the roads/drainage/council sorted this fiasco once and for all.
for a busy road like this,to get into this state every time it rains is is ridiculous,it certainly wouldn't be accepted in inverness or elgin

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a good second hand ferry going cheap for the Nairn Common Good Fund. They could make a fortune here and blame Inverness at the same time ?