Thursday, August 07, 2014

County falter again at Station Park - Nairn 2 Inverurie 3

It looked very promising pre-season as County held a Ross County side 1-1 in an impressive, high quality friendly game. Since then there has been an ignominious exit from the North Cup at the hands of local rivals Forres. This was hard to take for many fans as County have been there at quite a few North Cup finals in recent years but the core of supporters remained philosophical. Then last Saturday came the home defeat against Formartine. Last night despite a late comeback by Webb and Duncanson (with a penalty) it ended 2-3 against Lodos. Uneasily County sit in the bottom four who have zero points. There are five teams at the top with six points. Two games do not a season make but by the time the tough trip to Fraserburgh on Saturday is done and dusted then we may pass from unease onto the edge of a potential crisis or alternatively finding out that, quite literally, the only way is up and the ascent has began. 


Here we go again said...

We've had two tough games against two of the top teams this early in the season so it's understandable that we are in this position. Oh, wait a minute, aren't we supposed to be a top team? Things had better get sorted out sooner rather than later or it's more middle table mediocrity for us this season. And, please, no more wishy washy excuses from the Manager, I'm soooo fed up of hearing the same old clichés.

Same Old said...

The Wee County on the last two performances will on the law of averages get defeated away to The Broch this Saturday I wonder how long the loyal supporters will put up with this? is it now time for The Narden Boys to defrost The Fridge? before the Station Park Loyal refuse to attend the games in protest!