Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Overgrown Nairn-Cawdor footpath - call for a warning for people setting off from Nairn

The Cawdor Community Council heard at their regular meeting on Monday night that, so far, Cawdor Estate were the only landowners to cut their bit of the riverside path. C Cllr Jennifer Walker said the situation was “bad” and that the ward manager, Liz Cowie, had asked the Council Ranger John Orr to walk the path and come back to her.

The Chair Tim Smith asked Highland Councillor Roddy Balfour who was also at the meeting: “What’s the process there then Roddy? Do the Council sort of subcontract or do they ask the landowner to do it?”

Roddy replied: “I’m not sure, I think it is the landowners have the responsibility and the Council will contact them and ask why and threaten to do it themselves.”

CC member Meg Robertson stated that there were parts that hadn’t been done at all: “It’s really difficult and if it’s wet people are getting absolutely soaked because there’s so much vegetation. So I think if it’s not going to be done satisfactorily there has to be some sort of warning in Nairn because people are setting off from Nairn thinking it is a path and it isn’t actually a path. It’s not a proper path.”

Earlier this month Murd Dunbar had spoken to the Gurn about the state of this path just up from Firhall, picture and details here. 

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