Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Shock as Patients Group dissolves - publicity "affected morale among staff at the surgery"

The Gurn has received the following information from the PPG

"Nairn Healthcare Group Patient Participation Group

Since March of this year, Nairn Healthcare Group practice has raised concerns about publicity surrounding the quarterly meetings of the full Patient Participation Group (PPG). The partners of the practice have stated that this has affected morale among staff at the surgery and has led to the resignation of valued members of staff. For these reasons the PPG has been dissolved.

The current PPG committee, elected at the AGM of April 2014, feels it has a duty to continue to act as a forum for patients of the practice and to represent patient views. Since its formation on the amalgamation of the Ardersier and Nairn Healthcare practices, PPG has had enormous public support, through attendance at its full meetings, interest in the Facebook page and correspondence in the local press and social media.

With this in mind, the committee has opened discussions with NHS Highland, Highland Council and the Scottish Health Council, with a view to exploring options by which local people can be involved and informed about the range and location of health and social care services, thus improving the healthcare of patients in the area.

4th August 2014

Fellow patients can keep in touch with developments via the following means:
Notices: Nairn and Ardersier Libraries"

Gurn opinion: This observer is  sad to see the PPG group dissolve, we all need Health Care at some point in our lives and it is important that our views and feedback are taken into account when it comes to the delivery of services - after all we do pay for them through our taxes. It seemed to me that the PPG behaved very reasonably at its public meetings and the information that came into the public domain was very enlightening. This is sad news. 


Anonymous said...

This is an absolute disgrace - what have they got to hide? I throw my hands up in despair about the NHS. 3 weeks to see my own doctor is totally unacceptable, as this has been said before. Reactions to this will be huge I am sure. Interesting to see how the surgery react to the numerous responses you will undoubtably get, or will it be a stunned silence as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I along with many others could write a book about the problems we've experienced with healthcare in Nairn in the past couple of years

It's hard not to see the winding up of the patients group as anything other than the fact that criticism is not acceptable in some quarters

The patient group could have helped make healthcare better in Nairn and that includes the practitioners but sadly we are to be silenced

Valuable members of staff in the form of GPs resigned from the practice when the sweeping new changes were brought in, but these folk now seem to be forgotten.

What about the morale of patients who have to battle to get good healthcare and have lost the voice of the PPG?

It would seem that a public body accountable to us has decided to make itself a dictatorship in order to protect it's highly unpopular ways of operating in our community

Graisg said...

I believe one Doctor did make a statement/interview with the pressn when he left the practice anon but this observer is not aware of any other similar statements. There seems to be a lot of movement generally among health professionals regardless of any issues that may or may not exist at the surgery.
There is an issue here over the dissolution of the PPG but "dictatorship" is perhaps a harsh word to use until more information comes from the practice viewpoint?

Graisg said...

The PPG didn't discuss individual cases at the meetings anon and it would be unfair on the practice to do that here from an anon source. The PPG seems intent on continuing as a forum though so perhaps you could contact them on one of the links they gave and see if they have any specific advice for you.

Anonymous said...

Nothing formal from the practice or NHS highland in response? Telling?

Unknown said...

Anon, see here for details of how to complain or positively comment on your health care experiences