Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whatever happens on September the 18th - will anybody ever fix our traffic lights? - video horror


a small gurn said...

The video is a lovely momento of what a lot of us have to sit through every evening. Even on a good day it takes 20 minutes to get from one end of Nairn to the other

A king once said that Nairn was so big they spoke two languages. These days it has two time zones at either side of the numerous sets of lights in the middle of which thousands of motorists sit each day and no one seems to do hee haw about it, well not anything that makes any difference for long

A Nairn bypass, nah, they'd probably put traffic lights on that

If I was was a tourist it certainly wouldn't be a case of 'haste ye back' if I sat through the traffic to get here, it would be a case of never again. How much money is the local economy losing because of this situation?

Why is no one doing anything about it Danny Alexander?

Anonymous said...

Thought Scottish Government was responsible for roads, rail etc? It seems to me that anything north of the M8 is not seen as worthy of investment. The A9 and A96 need to be fully upgraded to dual carriageway. The rail lines also need to be dual tracks too.

Graisg said...

One of our correspondents reports today:
"East bound traffic trailing back to Pig Street. Traffic generally slow moving in both directions as more folk are using the back roads and then joining the A96 at traffic light junctions causing the lights to change to allow them out of side roads. East bound traffic trailing back a short distance under the rail bridge at the Cawdor Rd