Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saturday September the 20th - the day the Wee County Centenary Baton will be coming home

The Nairn County FC Centenary baton is coming home on Saturday 20th September after a walk on the West Highland Way and a paddle up the Great Glen and the Moray Firth.

Then there will be a mega iconic moment that will last at least the next hundred years when the County baton makes landfall at Nairn harbour.
There will be a march behind a pipe band to the site of the original County ground on the Links - all County fans cordially invited - just bring a little yellow and black for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Want to know more? - just listen to Ali Nicol and Stephen Bain in the video below:

Donations to this fund-raiser can be made here, The Gurnmeister is giving this a go too and is hopeful of making it the 96 miles on the West Highland Way, so anyone wishing to pay their Gurn subscription can divert it to this initiative that is organised and controlled by the fans in the aim of getting a new Cowshed that future generations will enjoy for the next 100 years at Station Park. 


Anonymous said...

On their showing so far this season county need a lot more than their loyal fans support

Good luck with it boys

Graisg said...

Thanks anon 8.55 but this is not the place for a debate about NCFC management.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why they changed the club badge ?

Anonymous said...