Thursday, August 07, 2014

First Steps nursery Rosebank Church ambition a set back for NICE at the Old Social Work buildings

A recent entry on the NICE website reads:

" For almost a year now, we have been working up a business case for the use of the Old Social Work Building. It has long been suggested that the building would make an ideal Gateway for the town centre. In calling for businesses to participate in the project we were contacted by a playgroup facility that was keen to expand their operation. We worked for many hours on an exciting plan; hammered out a funding package; produced detailed plans and got as far as obtaining builders quotes for the renovation of the premises."  More on the NICE website. 


Anonymous said...

NICE is an organisation that wears many hats and in this instance it would seem they were a developer and their client decided to go elsewhere

It's not all bad news for if First Steps Nursery manage to use the Rosebank church that will be one less derelict building in Nairn

Anonymous said...

Sadly NICE haven't delivered much at all have they?

I wish it would snow today said...

NICE do ideas, actions are so much harder to carry out

dr-grigor said...

totally agree with Anonymous at 8.16am, i'm all for organisations that do good for our town, but to perfectly honest NICE seem to be all talk and no action, what exactly have they achieved here for nairn so far ?