Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Annoyed resident tells the Gurn he will remove untidy posters in town centre

Annoyed resident Iain Fairweather tells the Gurn:

"I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the number of people who plaster and disfigure our town with notices. There is no excuse, however valid the cause, for adding to the dilapidated appearance of the town centre and plastering empty spaces with rubbish. Most shops will display a poster if asked. Please people, kindly desist and show a degree of responsibility. I'm going to start removing them!"

Below some pictures of the notices that have upset Iain.


Locval Shopper said...

What I don't understand is why shop owners are happy to display posters advertising events OUTWITH Nairn. Surely advertising a circus or suchlike in Inverness or Elgin is sending your customers a message that it's OK to shop there too.

Small minded said...

@Locval Shopper

What are you suggesting then, newsagents cut out any adverts for events in neighbouring towns in the newspapers and that shopkeepers try and get the common good fund to build a wall around Nairn to keep us all in?!

Many folk from places outwith Nairn come here for events, Games day, Book and Arts etc and I'm sure they spend moeny on the High Street, should we not allow people outwith Nairn to attend such events?

Local Shopper said...

@Small minded

Don't be foolish!

Little to do said...

Who appointed Iain Poster Police? Instead of getting het up about posters why doesn't he do something about all the advertising boards outside shops? I'm sure they are all illegal and are blocking the pavement. Do the shop owners have permission, or is it ok for them to disfigure the town? And while we're at it what about all these banners that have started to appear on railings? Or is that also ok for businesses?

Anonymous said...

Yawn Yawn, If that all you have to worry about then good for you.
World in tatters and you moan about posters.
Get a life.#Posters.

Anonymous said...

I hate those vacancies/no vacancies signs which some folk hang above their door or put in their windows, makes their houses look so untidy

Fishertoonloon says said...

Lets start a "No Posters" campaign we could put up posters round the town!