Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fresh search into disappearance of Guide Dog Tess takes place in Nairn

We reported earlier on a possible sighting of Tess - please see this thread. And here's some news on the publicity team from the Guide Dogs organisation that were in Nairn on Games Day. 

Over 20 Guide Dogs' staff and volunteers led a new attempt to find missing guide dog Tess in Nairn, the site of her disappearance, on Saturday 16 August.

Staff and volunteers dressed in #FindTess t-shirts knocked on doors around Nairn and handed out 1,200 leaflets to people around the town centre who were gathered for the Highland Games.
Wendy Rankin of Guide Dogs and Tess's owner Fraser Stevenson hand a flyer to a Nairn Resident 
Saturday’s activity prompted new calls to the hotline and Guide Dogs staff will now be following up these fresh sightings.

Tess, a black curly coated Retriever has been missing since 23 July and despite searches by Guide Dogs staff, volunteers and members of the public, appeals for
Guide Dogs Fiona Fraser in Tess t-shirt
information on social media, a poster campaign and local and national media coverage, she is yet to be found.

Fraser Stevenson, Tess’s owner, said: “I am so grateful to everyone who turned out in support of the search on Saturday. We managed to speak to lots of local people and everyone is on the lookout. I hope that people will continue to watch out for Tess, and report any possible sightings that could help to bring her home to me.” 

Terry Thorpe, Mobility Team Manager at Guide Dogs who led the operation, said: “I would like to thank the people of Nairn for taking the time to speak to Guide Dogs staff and volunteers on Saturday. The
Find Tess t-shirts
support we have had in the town since the day Tess went missing has been overwhelming.

“We're following up on all leads that could help us to reunite Tess with Fraser and we're still urging people to continue to come forward with any possible sightings by calling 0800 6888 409.”

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