Monday, March 01, 2010

Latest: Sandown Public Inquiry reporters: 'They find themselves unclear as to the exact proposal before them on appeal.'

Here at the Gurn we've just been reading an APT article Appearance at the Public Inquiry and followed a link to a document posted on the DPEA site. There could be a dramatic start to proceedings in the morning. We reproduce the text of an high priority e-mail sent by DPEA specialist case work Scott MacKenzie on the 26th of February:

'Dear All
The reporters have now had an opportunity to look over the documents and precognitions for the inquiry which starts next week. They find themselves unclear as to the exact proposal before them on appeal. They would expect to consider the appeal on the basis of the submitted drawings as considered by the planning authority and the wording in the planning application. However, defining those elements is not proving straightforward. Therefore, before hearing evidence on Tuesday, they will be seeking the assistance of parties in clarifying this issue.
In particular, they note that:
• the application description, planning support statement, committee report with suggested conditions, and precognitions vary in the development they describe;
• it is not clear to what extent the masterplan is indicative and to what extent determinative (and potentially to be defined as such in conditions); and
• assessments have been carried out for the appellants on the basis of different descriptions and masterplans of the development.
Kind regards'

See the document here.

It could be an interesting morning tomorrow. See you there Gurnites.

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