Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mention for Lovat Lodge on major access needs holiday website

Open Britain.net bills itself as the 'largest leisure time information resource in the UK for all those with access needs'. It is good to see Nairn's Lovat Lodge Hotel getting a mention on this important site. Open Britain illustrates how seriously people with access needs consider their holiday accommodation and destination and also their recreation in General.

The Gurn notes that the Suburban Community Council has now added their support to Murd Dunbar's campaign for better access to the Firhall Bridge. If ramps were added to the bridge Nairn would not only be doing the decent thing for locals with access needs but would have another asset to help advertise the town in an increasingly competitive sector of the holiday market.

The Gurn notes that Provost Liz indicated at the Ward Forum that she wants to see an access ramp at the Househill entrance point to the river walks. This too is a worthy aim but surely given the money that would have to be spent on upgrading the track that leads to the river, sometimes used by heavy farm vehicles, it is best to concentrate on the Jubilee Bridge first?

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Water Horse said...

Seems we have a few troubled bridges over water

Apart from access to the Jubilee Bridge, there was recent mention of Scottish Water perhaps wanting to close the Sewerage Bridge, and then of course road access (or not) on the Bailey bridge remains a question

Perhaps Nairn needs some ferries to help cope with the failing bridges?