Friday, August 01, 2014

Motorists warned of delays from three sets of roadworks on A96 Inverness-Nairn - includes convoy system at Lochloy junction from Sat August 9th

Thanks to Rob Holder for spotting this: 

"MOTORISTS are facing major disruption on the busy A96 between Inverness and Nairn for the next two weeks.

[...] The first works begin this weekend between Tornagrain Junction and Inverness Airport, and will last for five nights from Sunday.

The second scheme begins the next weekend on Sunday, August 10, between the B9006 junction and Gollanfield Junction and will also last for five nights.

The works will be undertaken using a temporary traffic lights system of traffic management with a 30mph speed limit each night. This is to ensure the safety of the workforce and motorists.

Meanwhile a convoy system will be in operation at the Lochloy junction at Narin on the A96 as it too undergoes resurfacing work from Saturday, August 9."


A96 Car Parker said...

Like we are going to notice the difference!

Anonymous said...

The un official nairn bypass will feel the strain..