Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gurn Potholes 2010

We've started Gurning to Fergus Ewing MSP about the state of the potholes on the town bridge. The Gurn will continue to do so from time to time when we come across other dangerous potholes on the roads in Nairnshire. You can find Gurn Potholes here on Flickr.

These holes on the bridge started forming before the recent cold spell and they should now be a priority as they are growing dramatically every day. Drivers are swerving to avoid them thus presenting another danger to pedestrians that use these paths everyday, many of those pedestrians being children. There's no shortage of potholes in the country now but surely the like of these on a trunk road in a town centre should be a priority?

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Canuck said...

Not to say I hurt more than you or anything but I would love for my roads to look this good!
I think we must have different road standards because over here in Canada out pot holes are actual holes. Right through the asphalt usually 4-5 inches deep but I have seen some where there is sunlight peaking through from China.