Monday, February 01, 2010

Rocking all over the Carse! - The Quo for McDermott's yard!

Seems the stuff of dreams but Status Quo will be playing this year at the former McDermott's Ardersier site known these days as Whitness Head.

'A charity concert to be headlined by veteran rockers Status Quo is to be held in a former oil platform construction yard near Ardersier.
Rock 4 Life's organisers, Caledonian Productions, had planned to stage the event at Bogbain Farm off the A9 near Inverness. '

'The former McDermott construction yard at Whiteness on the Moray Firth is earmarked for a housing development. The developers have donated the site for Rock 4 Life on 1 and 2 May. '

More on the BBC site, thanks to Nairni49 for forwarding the good news to the Gurn. Man those Dolphins sure rock! Anybody looking for accomodation for this event and has just landed on this post then try for a wide range of delightful places to stay. If you want to see a few pictures of our area and Nairn the nearest town to this Status Quo event (a town with two delightful beaches) then try a few of the picture sets on this page. Nairn is a really friendly town, we look forward to seeing the Quo fans!

Can Gurnites think of any appropriate Quo lyrics that could be adapted to commemorate the occasion?



Tulloch & MacGregor are like a DOG
always putting each other DOWN DOWN
ISLAND, but the Quo fans will be
Highlands where they may sampleTHE
WILDSIDE OF LIFE, lots of love from

Anonymous said...

Living on an Island could go down well for any visitors fae the Black Isle

growtosow said...

better not tell les off of corrie or he will cause havoc again

growtosow said...

down down at the harbour. roll over lay down mind out for the dog poo. whatever you want a new town center will do. aye the old ones are always good. rock till you drop

Anonymous said...

Quo are just a one trick pony now without a tail

Bus Driver Holly said...

If the Nairn council get together NOW then to ebcourage Quo fans to stay here the put on shuttle buses to and from the site. You can bet your bottom Dollar Inverness will.

Anonymous said...

I can see this is going to be the new summer of love for us pensioners

First Rod Stewart was announced and now the Quo, you youngsters don't know what you're missing.

These guys play proper tunes and have songs you can sing to

This loon is going to be seeing if he can still get his loons on

Graisg said...

Good call Holly. How about a real push for this, invite tribute bands for a couple of gigs in town. Rock memorabillia nerds, all that type of stuff, knock out Quo quiz, Quo jigsaw comp, rock films over at cinema Nairn etc, etc

Graisg said...

Just being silly now but:

Rolling Stones for Sandown,
Elton John for Tornagrain,
U2 for Delnies
Take That for Balmakeith Sainsbury site

Anonymous said...

How about "Busted" for the town centre supermarket site..!

Flower Power said...

Elton John, Rod Stewart, Status Quo all wrinkly rockers what next
in the highlands LADY SAGA.
Saw The Quo twice in The Ballerina
& also would you believe in The
Town Hall, Cullen when i had hair.