Sunday, April 25, 2010

2,000+ 'Save Nairn Swimming Pool' Facebook group just keeps growing!

The anger out there hasn't gone away. The Facebook group just keeps growing and tonight stands at a membership of 2,010 and messages and information are still being posted. There's an interesting message from Sharon who worked at Nairn Pool for six years, she feels that more time should be given over to the general public in the pool timetable. Here's some of what she has to say:

'Nairn has become a teaching pool:- school swimming lessons every morning Monday to Friday, after school lessons Monday to Thursday 3pm til 5 or 6pm. Yes our children need to be taught to swim, as we in Nairn are surrounded by water. But how much of the timetabling of our pool is dedicated to public swimming? Not a great deal is the answer. We the public need to make it known that we want and need more general public time. '

To read the rest of Sharon's thoughts on the matter and to see the latest messages head over to 'Save Nairn Swimming Pool'

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Anonymous said...

Surely these comments may indicate that we need more pool capacity not less!

A survey on Nairn Highstreet or other areas in and around Nairn maybe? Do you use the pool? For what purpose - kiddies lessons; adult swim sessions, family swim etc? Would you use it more if more sessions were available? What about more Aquarobics?

Just a quick thought