Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Firhall Bridge - the redundant water pipe, cracked and exposed to the air - is it asbestos?

Regular river walkers will have seen the exposed part of the redundant pipe on the Crook side of the Firhall Bridge. At last night's Community Council meeting Mike Henderson told the meeting that he'd heard the pipes were asbestos. He asked Murd (the Firhall Bridge better access campaigner) for his opinion. Murd was of the opinion that they were definitely asbestos.

The concrete cover on top of the redundant pipe is cracked in several places and as was raised at the meeting, some of it is now missing. Councillor Graham Marsden promised to get the matter investigated quickly. Perhaps this might bring the issue of removal of the pipe to a head if the pipe is definitely asbestos. Would would be the cheaper option, complete removal or repair of the coverings?

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