Sunday, April 18, 2010

Organised crime and whisky at Dulsie

Thanks to Irene for another of her research snippets that do so much to give us glimpses of Nairnshire's past. The above article is from March 1818. It sounds like quite a brutal encounter between the authorities and the smugglers and more reminiscent of a wild frontier area than the quiet peacful scenes we know today.

Stranger things have happened up at Dulsie however. Here's one small snippet from Richard Thomson's The Natural History of Highland Parish, a local residents approaches Drochaid an t-sithein (the fairy knoll bridge) on the way home:

'One dark night, we are told, a belated drover from a Cawdor market, happened to pass this way. On approaching the bridge, he was greatly astonished and frightened beyond measure, to observe rays of the most brilliant light beaming through rocky foundations, at numerous rents and cracks where the sharpest eyes in the country had never before been able to detect. '

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