Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Greens call for A96 corridor plans to be abandoned

The Scottish Green Party have finally decided to speak out about the A96 corridor plans and the difficulties too much development could present for the area between Nairn and Inverness. Up until now any complaints have mainly come from non-aligned commentators and in this observer's opinion the Greens should have been doing a lot more for a lot longer. You can read the Green Party's comments on the Press and Journal today. Better late than never however? It would be interesting to know if any other General election candidates in this constituency feel that too much development is planned between Nairn and Inverness.


Vote for me said...

It's nice to see the green shoots emerge with just a few days till the general election, but I have to ask as to where Donnie has been for the last few years if he thinks new build between Inverness and Nairn will cause gridlock, for we already have severe bottlenecks now.
Inverness is often pretty close to gridlock at certain times of morning and evening, and as all Nairnites know the evening rush hour sees traffic grind to a halt.
I wonder how many other prospective MPs we will see out and about in Nairn before the 6th May?

floating voter said...

At least 5% of the vote or lose the £500 deposit. No wonder Donnie's eyes are narrowing, but he is going to have to come up with more than just his concerns about the A96 corridor to gain my vote

Graisg said...

Now word from Donnie about Nairn Swimming Pool yet :-)