Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nairn Ward Forum - What an agenda! What a night!

Good evening Gurnites, the best show in town was once again the ward forum, standing room only and the Courthouse debating chamber becoming very warm as the evening went on. Basically what went on tonight was that ordinary punters came and had their say and had their say emphatically. On 'Changing Community Care' there was forthright, articulate and outspoken comment. On the consultation for a single Community Council again there was forthright and outspoken comment and on the Nairn Swimming Pool issue there was forthright and outspoken comment to the power of ten. Other items were mentioned too as well as the material above. How much we report will depend on how well the Gurn low grade digital recorder performed and how much can be gleaned from notes or memory. We will do our best over the next day or two, starting with the swimming pool issue. It was a night to remember, we'll do our best to recreate it for you - it was fantastic to see so many citizens prepared to stand up and do their bit for our community. Thank goodness we live in Nairn!

More soon...

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